Treasures of Barbados
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Tour Description

The whole Island of Barbados is a treasure. Where else can you find stories of cannibals, pirates, black widows, presidents & witchcraft?

There are a handful of places that for some stand out more than others and in this tour we will share them with you. On this tour you will visit Harrison's Cave a limestone cave that is called the 8th wonder of the world. A visit to Barbados will not be complete without a stop at Bathsheba on the East Coast, famous for its breathtaking beauty and pounding surf. Our route then takes us past Morgan Lewis Windmill and Cherry Tree Hill. The windmill is on the top 100 endangered historical sites in the world the Windmill is also one of only 2 windmills of this type left standing in the Caribbean. Then we make our way up to Cherry Tree Hill for its spectacular views and onto St Nicholas Abbey. St Nicholas Abbey can be correctly categorized a historical treasure of Barbados. This Sugar Plantation Great house is a 17th century Jacobean Mansion one of only three in this side of the world. There is also an on-site Rum Distillery and a working steam engine that crushes the cane during harvest season.

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